Cruises are Resorts at sea

What Makes Cruises, Resorts at Sea?

  • Cruises are cost-effective vacations: A cruise is often more cost-effective than a land resort vacation.  Most cruise costs are included in the per person rate for the cruise.
  • Packing/Unpacking – You pack and unpack once. Your luggage is picked up from you at the ship terminal and delivered to your stateroom once on-board. Your luggage is picked up from outside your stateroom on the last evening of your cruise. You pick it up in the terminal after you leave the ship.
  • Dining: Cruise ships offer complimentary meals in traditional dining rooms. Buffet dining is also complimentary, as are eateries featuring pub foods or desserts. They also offer specialty restaurants which carry a charge. However, most of the charges are less than similar restaurants in any city.
  • Meals/ snacks:  Burgers, fries and hot dogs on the pool decks are available to guests at no additional cost.  Unlimited coffee, tea, juices, milk, and soft serve ice cream are also free throughout the trip. Soda and alcoholic beverages cost less if purchased through a beverage package.
  • Sea activities: Throughout the trip, all activities during the day and in the evening are free with the exception of the game arcade, casino, and spa services.
  • Youth programs: Youth programs are complimentary and held throughout the day and evening hours. Children are grouped by age. Staff are professionals experienced in providing recreational activities and supervising children and teens.
  • Laundry: A Cruise ship will  either have self-service laundries on most floors, or offer discounts for laundry services.
  • Medical Care: Cruise ships have on board medical services. Medical services are covered by the  cruise insurance plan purchased when you book your cruise.
  • Destinations: If you prefer to travel with a guide or on transport, cruise companies have planned excursions. While there is a fee for these excursions,  they give passengers the opportunity to sight see in comfort. You can also explore destinations on your own, on foot or use public transportation, which is a money saver.