About Us

Campbell Development Group companies, websites and services include:

  • Digital and Print Media Services: writing/editing, illustrations  for business and nonprofit corporations including products for publication.
  • Jean Campbell-TESOL Certified: Writing Consultant  for professionals having English as their second language. Email: tesol@campbelldevelopmentgroup.com.
  • Cruise for Your Charity -A Cruise Business of Campbell Development Group.com offers standard cruises, custom cruise packages, and accompanied cruises generating donations to cruisers’ charities of choice. Accompanied Cruises provides couples, singles and solo travelers an on-board go-to person during their cruise.
  • Cruises, Resorts at Sea (www.cruisesresortsatsea.com)is  a cruise travel blog featured on the Cruise for Your Charity website.
  • Campbell Development Group, LLC dba Diczok Income Tax Service, an Authorized IRS E-File Provider-EFIN137009
  • Can Do Street (www.candostreet.com)is a free, multimedia early learning website for young children, 3-7 and their families

Jean Campbell, M.S., President, Campbell Development Group

Jean Campbell, M.S., President, Campbell Development Group (CDG), is a published book author, and a digital and print media magazine writer. She is a former staff writer for the New York Nonprofit Press. Ms Campbell authors enhanced e-books for young children featuring animation, narration and text highlighting. She writes Search Engine Optimized( SEO) website and blog content, as well as health,  travel, and  memoir articles. Her ghostwriting services include articles, manuals, training and educational materials, E-books, and grants.

Jean Campbell is a 2x breast cancer survivor and the former founding director of the American Cancer Society NYC Cancer Patient Navigator Program serving 14 hospitals in NYC. She writes magazine copy and ghostwrites about breast cancer. She was a breast cancer columnist for www.about.com and www.verywellhealth.com/jean-campbell-ms-429744

During her career, Ms. Campbell has held the position of a director for several organizations and founded five corporations. She’s designed and developed over 100 educational, health care and social services programs for youth and adults, raising over 100 million dollars, through grants, to support these initiatives.

Mena Dolobowsky 
Illustrations and Design, has over 35 years of experience in creating illustrations for children for educational and trade publishers. She re-created the original “Can Do” Street characters for their 2010 debut, as well as rendering all page design and illustrations for the “Can Do” Street website. Her clients include Avon Books, Penguin Books, Simon & Schuster, Workman Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Scholastic, Oxford University Press, Pearson Educational Publishers, Gourmet Magazine and McCall’s Magazine. To see more of her work visit her at:

Jesper Sandell
JEC International – Production, Animation and Webmaster, is President and Creative Director of JEC International Corp, a multimedia company. JEC has 15 years of experience producing animation, motion graphics, web design, video and post video production. JEC also offers training by NY State certified and Adobe Certified Instructors. Visit JEC International at:

Mobile and Website Management Capabilities

Our technical support teams expertise:

  • Website coding and development including Word Press, Custom Word Press, HTML 5 Web/Mobile Development and ASP.NET
  • App coding for Mobility Solutions, Mobility Platforms, IOS Development, Android App Development and Phone Gap Development.
  • E Publishing coding and development of eBooks, animated eBooks, animated highlighted eBooks and animated highlighted articles.