Illustration and Design Products

CDG illustration and design services are for use in both print and static digital format as well as for products requiring animation. From initial concept to final rendering, our illustrator, Mena Dolobowsky, will work with you to create a product to suit your individual needs.

Mena Dolobowsky describes her illustration and design process as being comprised of several steps. It begins by rendering digital sketches created in Adobe Illustrator. Once a drawing is finalized, it is imported into Photoshop and color is added, or it can be continued on in Illustrator and painted within that platform. For artwork requiring animation, Ms. Dolobowsky creates separate movable parts within the image, working on individual layers for each area to be animated. It is then ready for the animator to give the image motion.

Web Site Design and Illustrations
All aspects of a site are designed and illustrated by CDG and done entirely to customer specifications. Sites can feature artwork that is designed specifically for animation and interactivity.

Blog Design and illustrations
CDG offers design and illustration services for new and existing blog sites for children

Children’s Stories
CDG provides design and illustrations, including new characters, for digital stories that run on computers and handheld devices.

Enhanced Children’s eBooks
Our enhanced eBooks feature full color illustrations on every page. Illustrations are prepared for animation, and run on the Apple IOS platform using desktop, laptop and handheld devices.

Children’s Books
Each of our print-ready books are designed by the CDG illustrator. Every page of a book features full color illustrations.

Mena Dolobowsky Portfolio