Digital Products

Custom Designed/Developed Websites:
All aspects of the site are designed and developed, including the content, by CDG and done entirely to customer specifications. CDG custom designs websites for the general population as well as sites for children. Sites can feature, animation, interactivity, audio and video. Website Design/ Development:
CDG can develop a site from one of the many WordPress Themes using the suggested designs, features, and layouts in a specific theme. Illustrations, and written  content can be done by CDG, or the site can be delivered user ready, for the site owner to add content, and illustrations. A WordPress site can be changed and content added to by the owner independent of CDG. A user manual is included. Engine Optimization:
Using the tools of search engine optimization (SEO) such as key words, meta tags, meta descriptions, and  titles when developing written content we maximize search engine rankings.Ghostwriting:
The  following CDG writing products are available as ghostwritten services as well as on a CDG authored  basis. When products are ghostwritten, CDG is not credited for the work, agrees to maintain confidentiality about the work, and is not entitled to any copyrights for the work or any sale or distribution rights. Articles:
CDG writes articles and designs accompanying images for individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies for use on websites, blogs, and eBooks
Blog writing:
We develop blog sites using WordPress, or write content and design illustrations for existing blog sites specializing in healthcare.  Children’s Stories:
Our digital stories feature written content that deal with the curiosity, ideas and issues of concern for young children. Full color illustrations, narration and text highlighting engage and hold the attention of emerging readers and those who have English as a second  language assisting them in developing the skills to enjoy reading independently. Stories run on IOS and Android platforms and are accessible on desktop computers as well as handheld devices. Enhanced Children’s eBooks:
Our enhanced eBooks feature full color illustrations on every page, animation, narration, text highlighting and interactivity. They run on the Apple IOS platform using desktop, laptop and held computers.


  • Storylines, dialogue, website content,, children’s website 3-7years, September. 2010- present
  • Parent and Teacher Blog,, 2010 – 2020, 500+ posts
  • Can Santa Find me on Christmas? An enhanced e-book for emerging readers featuring animation, narration, and text highlighting.
  • Breast Cancer Writer, –Online magazine, May 2015 –Nov. 2016 – 80+articles
  • Weekly articles for – Online magazine, January 2011 – 2015–600 + articles
  • Blog, N.B.A.I, breast cancer website, 2010- 2016, 209+ articles
  • Innovations in Multimedia, multi-media presentation,  Smithsonian Institute, 1994
  • Gino’s Story, multimedia production, 1993