Although unique from project to project, below is a description of a typical workflow from pre-planning to completion of an E-Learning/Internet-based training program used in creating interactive content and animation.

 Hosting – CDG provides hosting services on a dedicated server with 24/7 technical support


1.  Analysis of Needs and Resources

Meetings with organization personnel requesting the development of an e-learning program to determine:

  •  Content topic(s)
  •  Learning objectives
  •  End users
  •  Anticipated outcomes
  •  Preferences for: graphics, video, animation, interactivity, length of program.
  • Use of an existing curriculum or a new curriculum


  •  Budget parameters
  • Timeline

 2.  Planning and Design

  • Curriculum design that will meet learning objectives
  • Core content
  • Use of graphics, animation or video
  • Identify interactivity opportunity options
  • Develop tests and other assessments
  • User evaluation component

 3. Program Content and Storyboard Development

  • Write content
  • Determine visuals
  • Layout on storyboard

4. Courseware Development

  • Artwork is created in either vector format or pixel format using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • The artwork is optimized for animation and interactivity
  • The content is animated in animation programs such as Adobe Flash and interactivity is added via scripting in Javascript
  • Web pages are created in HTML5 and CSS3 and the content is added to the web page
  • Web pages are combined and hosted on a server with a unique domain name to form the website the end user will use to access the program.

5. Evaluation

6. Delivery






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